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Expensya, an African Startup on a global market”

Karim Jouini, former (Laureate/ Premiado) Réseau Entreprendre Tunisia Awardee and current mentor of the association, is the founder of Expensya, a unified corporate expense management solution that is now available worldwide. Since founding the company in 2014, Karim has spearheaded its development and has had to tackle various types of challenges, including cultural differences.

Expensya is a France-based company specializing in unified corporate expense management solutions for businesses worldwide. Founded by Karim Jouini, it focuses on automating and streamlining the corporate expense management process, including expense report automation and expense categorization. Expensya’s technology is recognized for its accuracy and speed in invoice processing, serving over 6,000 companies in Europe, including multinational corporations like Volvo and H&M. The company has also caught the attention of Medius, an accounts payable automation provider, which announced its intention to acquire Expensya.

Expensya CEO, Karim Jouini, has been involved in the fintech sector and has written about the alliance between banks and fintechs, emphasizing the benefits of collaboration between traditional financial institutions and innovative startups. The company has expanded its operations to Spain, Germany, Austria, and other European countries, and has a strong presence in the Iberian market, working with companies such as Santander and BBVA.

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